International Conference on Cryptology AFRICACRYPT 2022

Posters submission

AfricaCrypt is an annual international conference on cryptology. AfricaCrypt 2022 is co-organized by Faculty of Sciences, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fes, Morocco in cooperation with the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). The aim of AfricaCrypt 2022 is to provide a forum for practitioners and researchers from industry, academia and government from all over the world for open discussion on all aspects of cryptography and its applications.

This year, we are organizing a poster session chaired by Stjepan Picek for showcasing research results including work in progress. The authors will get a 7-minute time slot to present their work in a poster session and posters will be on display in the coffee break room for the duration of the conference. We invite all researchers to submit their ongoing projects, challenges dealt with in their research domain and prospective new research directions that are in line with the theme of the conference.

The submissions will go through a light review process chaired by Stjepan Picek. It is not a requirement that submissions need to be previously unpublished. There are no proceedings for posters, so the poster will not count as a publication. For a poster to be presented and displayed, at least one of its authors must attend the conference.

Submission instructions

The poster authors need to submit a title, names of authors/affiliations and an abstract (maximum 300 words) at easychair

Poster submission deadline: June 1, 2022
Poster acceptance notification: June 8, 2022
Registration for accepted posters deadline: July 1, 2022.

We will contact accepted poster submissions with presentation instructions.


  • Foundations and underlying theory
    • (vector) Boolean function
    • coding theory
    • information theory
    • probability theory
    • complexity theory
    • game theory
    • formal methods
  • Public-key cryptography: key establishment, entity authentication protocols, digital signatures
    • factoring based crypto
    • discrete-log based crypto including ECC
    • post-quantum cryptography
  • Symmetric cryptography: authenticated encryption, hashing, message authentication
    • Design and cryptanalysis of primitives:
      ciphers, permutations, stream ciphers, extendable output functions (XOF), deck functions
    • Security proofs of modes and constructions
  • Cryptographic engineering
    • dedicated hardware implementations
    • software implementations and benchmarking
    • implementation attacks and countermeasures: side channel and fault injection attacks
    • formal verification of implementations
    • artificial intelligence for cryptanalysis
  • Advanced cryptographic protocols
    • fully homomorphic encryption
    • multi-party computation
    • attribute-based encryption and authentication
    • pairing-based crypto
  • Applications of cryptography
    • electronic voting
    • privacy and anonymity

Poster submission deadline:
June 1, 2022

Poster acceptance notification:
June 8, 2022

Registration for accepted posters deadline:
July 1, 2022

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