Here you will find the list of accepted papers
  • DiSSECT: Distinguisher of Standard & Simulated Elliptic Curves via Traits
    Vladimir Sedlacek, Vojtech Suchanek, Antonin Dufka, Marek Sys and Vashek Matyas.
  • And Rijndael? Automatic Related-key Differential Analysis of Rijndael
    David Gérault, Marine Minier, Loïc Rouquette and Christine Solnon.
  • Breaking Panther
    Christina Boura, Rachelle Heim Boissier and Yann Rotella.
  • Lattice-Based Inner Product Argument
    Veronika Kuchta, Gaurav Sharma and Rajeev Anand Sahu.
  • EHNP Strikes Back: Analyzing SM2 Implementations
    Jinzheng Cao, Qingfeng Cheng and Jian Weng.
  • Streaming SPHINCS+ for Embedded Devices using the Example of TPMs
    Ruben Niederhagen, Johannes Roth and Julian Wälde.
  • FUTURE: A Lightweight Block Cipher Using An Optimal Diffusion Matrix
    Kishan Chand Gupta, Sumit Kumar Pandey and Susanta Samanta.
  • Cryptanalysis of Reduced Round SPEEDY
    Raghvendra Rohit and Santanu Sarkar.
  • A Random Oracle for All of Us
    Marc Fischlin, Felix Rohrbach and Tobias Schmalz.
  • Recovering Rainbow's Secret Key with a First-Order Fault Attack
    Thomas Aulbach, Tobias Kovats, Juliane Krämer and Soundes Marzougui.
  • TransNet: Shift Invariant Transformer Network for Power Attack
    Suvadeep Hajra, Sayandeep Saha, Manaar Alam and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay.
  • An estimator for the hardness of the MQ problem
    Javier Verbel, Emanuelle Bellini, Rusydi H. Makarim and Carlo Sanna.
  • Dilithium for Memory Constrained Devices
    Joppe Bos, Joost Renes and Daan Sprenkels.
  • Solving the Learning Parity with Noise Problem using Quantum Algorithms
    Bénédikt Tran and Serge Vaudenay.
  • Co-factor clearing and subgroup membership testing on pairing-friendly curves
    Youssef El Housni, Aurore Guillevic and Thomas Piellard.
  • TinyABE: Unrestricted Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for Embedded Devices and Low-Quality Networks
    Marloes Venema and Greg Alpár.
  • A Small GIFT-COFB: Lightweight Bit-Serial Architectures
    Andrea Caforio, Daniel Collins, Subhadeep Banik and Francesco Regazzoni.
  • Automated Key Recovery Attacks on Round-Reduced Orthros
    Muzhou Li, Ling Sun and Meiqin Wang.
  • Finding Low-Weight Polynomial Multiples Using the Rho Method
    Laila El Aimani.
  • To Overfit, Or Not to Overfit: Improving the Performance of Deep Learning-based SCA
    Azade Rezaeezade, Guilherme Perin and Stjepan Picek.
  • A Generalized Attack on the Multi-Prime Power RSA
    Abderrahmane Nitaj, Willy Susilo and Joseph Tonien.
  • A Secure Authentication Protocol for Cholesteric Spherical Reflectors using Homomorphic Encryption
    Mónica P. Arenas, Muhammed A. Bingol, Huseyin Demirci, Georgios Fotiadis and Gabriele Lenzini.
  • Identity Based Encryption in DDH hard Groups
    Olivier Blazy and Saqib A. Kakvi.
  • Construction of Recursive MDS Matrices Using DLS Matrices
    Kishan Chand Gupta, Sumit Kumar Pandey and Susanta Samanta.
  • Card-Minimal Protocols for Three-Input Functions with Standard Playing Cards
    Rikuo Haga, Yuichi Hayashi, Daiki Miyahara and Takaaki Mizuki.